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Preserving Today's Moments for Tomorrow

Welcome to Carissa Smith Photography, where moments and landscapes merge to create captivating stories. We are passionate about photography and specialize in landscape and portrait photography, ensuring that every frame tells a unique narrative.

In our world, landscapes are not just scenes but windows to nature's breathtaking beauty. We chase the perfect light, the subtle hues, and the grandeur of each landscape, allowing you to immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring vistas we've captured. 

But our lens doesn't stop there - we also believe that every face has a story to tell. Our portrait photography aims to capture the physical appearance, essence, and emotions that make each individual extraordinary. Whether it's a candid smile, a reflective glance, or a glimpse of vulnerability, we seize these moments with sensitivity and precision.

With every click, we aim to create photographs that transcend time - images you'll proudly display on your walls and treasure for generations to come. We approach each project with dedication, treating every frame as a work of art and every subject as a unique canvas. 

From the sprawling landscapes that remind us of the beauty of our world to the intimate portraits that capture the essence of human connection, Carissa Smith Photography is dedicated to freezing moments and emotions in the most exquisite way possible.

Join us on this visual journey, where every photograph is a story waiting to be shared. Explore the beauty surrounding us and the humanity that defines us through our lens. 


Personal Branding



 Show your potential clients who you are with a personal branding session. Receive the royal treatment by having your hair and make up completed by a professional, as well as portraits for your every need. From your business cards to social media, we have you covered!  



When love is in the air, count on our professional photographers to give your photos an extra boost in the romance department. Whether you want us to place rose petals on a bridge or capture a sweet kiss while the sun is setting, you won’t be disappointed!



Graduating from high school is a big deal. So, we want to help you celebrate the special senior moments in your life by taking portraits you can cherish forever. It’s our goal to highlight your personality and interest in each photograph.




 Discover sacred waterfalls, beautiful covered bridges, magnificent wildlife, and more with our landscape collection. Each image is sure to transcend you into your happy place as you imagine the sound of rushing water, the sweet fragrance of flowers, or a crisp autumn breeze.


What our customers are saying

Carissa has been taking our pictures for a year and half, doing an amazing job for my family. She has done my 30th birthday, family, and special images done of just me. Carissa always does a great job making us smile and not be stressed out with the picture experience. The last picture session was special because I got my hair and makeup done professionally and she took beautiful headshots of me for her new photography website. 

- Kirstin O. 


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Our mission is to illuminate the beauty of life through the art of photography.


Embracing innovation and thinking outside the box to craft unique and captivating visual stories.


Honoring the true essence of every subject, capturing genuine emotions, and portraying real moments.


Committing to delivering the highest standard of excellence in every photograph, ensuring impeccable craftsmanship.


Approaching each project with enthusiasm and a genuine love for the art of photography, evident in every image.

Joy in Sharing

Finding fulfillment in sharing captured moments.


To capture genuine emotions, authentic connections, and the intricate details that make each moment unique.

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1201 Oak Park Ave

Des Moines, IA 50313


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